Thursday, June 23, 2011

Korang baca tak buku ni??

Aku memang suka betul kat buku ni. 
Jalan citer best & somehow practical la cara hubby dia nak overcome problem wife dia ni. 
Cuma sorang dah mati, sorang masih hidup. 
Sedih la jugak at the beginning. 
Korang baca jgn lupa bawak towel k.

Sinopsis novel

Holly and Gerry were the perfect couple.
Not sickening perfect, but perfect for one another. 
And so when Gerry dies of a brain tumor, Holly feels utterly lost and depressed, staying in her apartment and deteriorating. 
Finally she emerges from her cocoon, but still isn't ready to reembrace life.
 Despite the efforts of her family and friends, she can't move on.
Then she receives a package from beyond the grave: the List.
 Gerry wrote it before his death, leaving her instructions to do things like buy a bedside lamp, sing karaoke, and ends every note with "PS, I love you." 
Holly obeys the List -- sometimes happily, sometimes reluctantly -- and her new experiences help her to remember the past, while looking to the future.

Korang baca la sambil lentuk2 kepala.. sure layan....

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